The Community Health Accreditation Program, Inc. (CHAP) is the leader in improving the quality of community based health care services in the USA.

chapssealCHAP is an independent and non-profit accrediting body created in 1965. CHAP’s goal is for home care to not only prosper, but gain strength in the overall health care industry. To achieve this, CHAP is devoted to providing consultation of the highest caliber, along with a broad network of professional staff resources.

To become CHAP certified an agency must undergo four main steps.

During the APPLICATION process the agency undergoes an evaluation to determine eligibility for accreditation.

Following this process, the agency applying undergoes a SELF-STUDY. This process allows the opportunity to complete a comprehensive internal evaluation and review of the organization’s operations in preparation for the site visit.

The next step is the aforementioned SITE VISIT. The site visit team is comprised of health care professionals, highly experienced in their respective fields. This site visit provides assistance to the organization, while ensuring compliance with the CHAP Standards of Excellence and other regulatory requirements.

The complete accreditation consists of strict evaluations over a period of three years and is completed with a REVIEW by the board of professionals.