Occupational Therapy at Home


Occupational Therapy at Home cropped medRegain Essential Living Skills with the Help of Skilled Occupational Therapists Right in Your Home, Where It’s Needed Most


In-home occupational therapists help loved ones redevelop and improve living and working skills to make daily life easier. 


In-Home Occupational Therapy
in the Grand Rapids MI Area

When injuries occur, or rehab is needed after surgery or a life-changing event, the professional therapists at Grand Rapids Home Healthcare are here to help! Our occupational therapists help patients improve their ability to perform regular tasks in their homes, such as kitchen work, bathroom use, getting dressed and more.

From improving basic motor skills and reasoning to compensating for permanent loss of function, our goal is to help people lead more productive, independent, satisfying lives.

We  use treatments to develop, rehabilitate and strengthen skills to make life easier.

  • Strengthen arms, legs, hands and more
  • Teach patients to use devices to assist them
  • Assess independence
  • Improve safety